Avoid The Pain of Winter Weight Gain

The season to be jolly is fast approaching and we all love a little festive indulgence over the Christmas period. It can be difficult to avoid excess eating when being assailed by mince pies, alcohol and party nibbles from all sides, but amidst the merriment do you ever stop to worry whether your waistline can emerge from winter unscathed? It’s an oft-cited statistic that the average Brit will put on up to half a stone during the festive season, which is easy to believe if we consider a study by the British Dietetic Association which found that we tend to consume 6000 calories on Christmas day alone, as well as an extra 500 calories for each day of the holiday. Continue Reading →

4 Early Symptoms Of Brain Tumors

A brain tumor can be part of one of many life-threatening conditions. These tumors must be found and diagnosed in their early stages, so patients can have access to the many different options for treatments available. There are many symptoms experienced by people who suffer from brain tumors. Continue Reading →

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