Mark R Williams - Nutrition, Weight Loss and Exercise AuthorMy Name is Mark Williams and I am a Nutrition and Exercise enthusiast who enjoys helping others get more out of life through better nutrition and regular exercise.

As a cancer survivor, I am well aware of the impact of poor health on quality of life.  In fact, cancer provided a powerful motivation to learn and research what I could do to live a healthier life. I also practice what I preach by living a fit, active, and energetic lifestyle.  I am out to help as many people as possible to live productive and healthy lives.

This blog is how I share articles and videos as well as recommendations for books and products that I have found helpful in my journey.  Topics include fitness, diet, weight loss, nutrition, workouts, longevity and other related health topics.  Please consider signing up for my email newsletter to get your free 10 day e-course on Longevity and a free 38 page report on ramping up your metabolism and burning fat. I will also provide you with informative nutrition and exercise information from time to time.


Mark R Williams

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