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Posted on August 15, 2012

Tacfit Warrior Physique

Tacfit Warrior Introduction

Like previous products from Scott, this is a product that combines safety and balance with laser focus on performance improvement. What is different and unique about this product in comparison to Scott’s previous products(which were also very good) is the idea of combining specific physical movements with mental imagery and goal setting. The net result being an increased motivation and energy to reach our goals when we visualize our goals at specific points during the workouts. This is genius and one of the things that separate Scott from pretenders in the fitness industry.

One of the core principles that Scott teaches in Tacfit is the four day exercise cycle repeated for 7 cycles (4×7). This consists of no intensity, low intensity, medium intensity, and high intensity workout days. There is a lot of focus on joint mobility which helps dramatically with recovery from workouts and reduces the chances of injury. Also, the program utilizes sophisticated movements that strengthen us and stretch us in new ways. Here is how the Tacfit Warrior manual puts it:

“The movements contained in such a program must cover all 6 degrees of freedom: heaving (up-down), surging (front-back), swaying (right- left), rolling (bending right-left), yawing (twisting right-left) and pitching (bending front- back).”

Personally, I can attest to the effectiveness of the four day cycle (4×7). I have utilized numerous tacfit products over the last couple of years and without exception, I emerge from each 4×7 cycle stronger, leaner and more flexible. I also notice that I am not sore the next day after any of the workouts, even the high intensity one. This is no doubt because of the joint mobility and flexibility focus.

This program comes with a follow-along video for the workout that is well produced and easy to follow. There are also demonstrations and breakdowns of the various exercises. A helpful nutrition guide that corresponds with the four day cycle is also included. Finally, there is a 94 page manual that details a lot of the background and details on how to implement the program and use it to not only get in shape but also to set and reach goals in other areas of life. Very highly recommended.


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  1. Davy Jordan August 30, 2012 at 1:59 am

    It is the bit about safety that caught my attention while reading this review. I have found that most of the fitness guides and products don’t talk much about how to prevent injuries. They are very preachy in their approach and don’t bother to address issues such as overstretching your back muscles or straining your neck. Considering that Scott teaches such a wide range of body movements, safety is paramount and I am delighted that it has been systematically addressed.

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